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Queries can be asked on all the below areas of law for answers within a reasonably short time. The Databases cover the basic acts, including all those mentioned within each law (within square block), and others too numerous to mention here. Also, notifications and circulars issued by the relevant law enforcement agencies are also included viz., Circulars of Customs, Excise, Income-tax, Company Law, etc. Apart from these, judgments of relevant Tribunals, all High Courts and the Supreme Court of India are also included. If you have queries beyond the above areas, do ask them, we will call and respond with some more time.

Below is the list of some sample queries asked by our customers :

1. Whether Bank rating charges paid to ICRA who carry out rating work for bank / financial institution, is deductible under section 37 of the I.T.Act,1961. Is there any case law on same ?

2. Request you to provide me with advance rulings on applicability of VAT on supply of food to any SEZ unit in various states ?

3. Kindly send by e-mail decisions on section 32 of the I.T.Act, particularly when trial production is started and depreciation is admissible or not ?

4. Amount spent towards contribution to contractors benevolent fund during the course of civil contract business , whether this expenditure is allowable as business expenditure u/s 37 of IT Act ?

5. Whether there is any caselaw on re-assessment under Section 39 of Kartnataka VAT for De- Registered dealers ?

6. Cases related to - revision of income during assessment proceedings.

7. Case laws on whether dental implants and heart implants are works contracts or not ?

8. Caselaws on Maharastra VAT / CST act relating to deemed export sales against H form- Section 5 (3)3) where it must have decided that Foreign Buyers Purchase order is not reqd. ?

9. Purification of Bio gas containing methane @55% to increase upto 97%, whether excisable manufacture or not ?

10. I need case laws on deductibility of section 43B in case of slump sale? Can the successor claim deduction at the time of payment ?

11. What is a Click-wrap agreement and how is it enforceable under Indian law ?

12. I am looking for caselaws under the Local Body Tax Act (Maharashtra) wherein it is decided that those goods which are exported outside India is not exigible to tax under the LBT Act.

13. Would long term lease of land, say for a period of over 10 years, be construed as transfer under section 2(47) of Income Tax Act ?

14. Section 194IA :- Whether TDS @1% is deducible on sale consideration is Rs. 50 lacs or more ? what about when transferee is more than one - limit of Rs. 50 lacs is for one transferee or jointly ? please confirm.

15. I want a decision in which it was held that the selection of case for scrutiny assessment beyond CBDT guidelines was not permitted ?

16. Supreme Court caselaws on - One Time Settlement (OTS) with court can't interfere where parties compromise on issue.

Arbitration and Conciliation
  • Arbitration and Conciliation Act
Banking And Insurance
  • Banking related Acts
  • Insurance related Acts
Corporate (Company) Law, Foreign Exchange and SEBI Law
  • SEBI Act
  • Companies Act
  • Competition Act
  • Securitization Act
Central Information Commission (& State Comms) - RTI Act
  • RTI Act
Intellectual Property Rights Cases
  • Copyright Act
  • Trade & Merchandising Act
  • Patent Act
  • Other Important IPR related Acts
Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law
  • IPC
  • Prev Corrup Act
  • Evidence Act
Consumer Protection
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • MRTPC Act
Debt Recovery/Dishonour of Cheque Cases
  • Neg Instr Act - (Cheque bouncing)
  • Criminal law
Direct Taxes
  • Income Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Wealth Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
Labour, Employment & Service Law
  • Industrial Dispute
  • Contract Labour
  • EPF
  • ESIC
  • Factories Act
  • Trade Union
  • Wages, Bonus, Gratuity, Pension Acts
Excise, Customs & Anti-Dumping
  • Excise & Customs Act
  • Anti-dumping Act
Environment Protection
  • Environment Prot Act
  • Air Prevention & Control of Pollu Act
  • Water Prevention & Control of Pollu Act
  • Forest Conservation Act
Food Adulteration
  • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act
  • Legal Metrology Act
Telecom And Broadcasting Law
  • Telecom related Acts
  • Media related Acts
Sales Tax & VAT
  • Sales Tax Acts - Diff States
  • VAT Acts - Diff States
  • Professional Tax Act
Service Tax
  • Service Tax Act