Bahubali…. Arms And The Man


The Man, Prabhas….the Brain, SS Rajmouli together they bring to life an Epic of a Movie….Bahubali

India is nothing but history and for that reason Historical Epics and related myths have done well here. Add to that a big budget and you have a super-duper box-office smasher and that is what Bahubali is! In the first week of its release, it has set the cash registers ringing non-stop and has already crossed Rs 350 crores.

Fights, bloody fights, landscapes and the likes have been made almost lifelike and that too very authentic. The VFX made the entire movie look very, very real and plausible with special care being given to the fictional kingdoms, forts and palaces in all their glory, apart from creating beautiful landscapes.

Sounds interesting?

It should. And what should interest you even further is that the producers, Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni have pitched in an astounding Rs 250 crores, the highest ever for an Indian movie. And that it not all! It has used close to 4500 VFX shots to get the right raw appeal and amazing scenes. The nearest contenders Hrithik’s Krrish 3 and SRK’s Ra One had just about 3500!

Some more astounding facts about this movie!

- It has its very own museum! Yes, a museum dedicated to a movie with stuff like swords, shields, weapons and costumes used in the movie being on display.

- It holds the Guinness Record for the largest poster ever for a movie- laid over a ground in Kochi!

- It had 17 VFX companies and 600 VFX artists working full time on it to get the look and feel correct! Would you believe the budget for just the VFX was Rs 85 crores!

- And for all its larger-than-life stats, the first part of the two part series can be seen in just over 2 hrs and 40 minutes!

- The Director SS Rajamouli, perfectionist that he is, spent close to one year in just pre-visualizing the entire film! An eye for details……surely!

Seeing the movie you would surely be convinced that Indian cinema has certainly come of age. The story is average though the treatment in terms of technology and techniques is certainly the best that money could buy. This is one movie that has set a trend for others to follow. What needs to be seen is if all of them can have the same impact and garner the same kind of money.

Bahubali…..India’s reply to Hollywood’s 300!

It shows that a good script or for that matter any work, with precise planning and humongous hard work with oodles of passion and highly committed team can get extraordinary results! A big vision – big budget…..helps too!

Charged Up! Think Big – Achieve Big