About Cadashboard,

Our Story

CADashboard is brainchild of Orgpro Softwares Private Limited. While interacting with our professionals (CA/CS/Lawyers), we observed that communication was lost/delayed. We had to remember compliance dates and events. This was a pain point. But in this pain, we saw business opportunity. Why not create a platform between professionals (CA/CS/Lawyers) and their SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprises). This is the genesis of CADashboard, AKA "See a DASHBOARD" for your business.

Our mission is to simplify Communication, Collaboration and Compliance between professionals (CA/CS/Lawyers) and SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprises). How? By letting you do your core tasks and let IT system handle all your on-going operational things. You already have enough to look after, so back-office and recurring tasks should never waste your valuable time. With CADashboard, we’ve created tools that clear your plate for the work you really want to do.

Meet the Team

  • Ajay Mehta

    Ajay Mehta, Founder & Chairman

    Entrepreneur. CEO at IBN TECHNOLOGIES LTD & Many more Start-ups & Turnarounds! Experienced & energetic global business leader specialized in people leadership, strategic marketing & branding with focus on driving dynamic growth out of every venture under his supervision.

    With over two decades of founding experience he has overall responsibility to shape, and execute upon, the strategy of the company in line with the vision and mission.

    He is passionate about everything he does, guiding the teams in business development, corporate finance and driving the company’s strategic process of evaluating various inorganic growth options, partnerships and alliances.

    Ajay has founded IBN in 1999 and has taken the companies value to the next level by mean of all the business ethics and Business Innovations while being focused on developing and accelerating innovation across the company.

  • Satish Bora

    Satish Bora, Founder & CEO

    Over 20 years' experience in transforming businesses. Earlier held senior management positions in world-class companies (Infosys & TCS) in the IT Industry. Experienced senior management professional with a proven track record of delivering profitability, sustainable business growth, operational optimization, project management and driving innovation.

    Consulting product companies globally to build award-winning SaaS products in the cloud. His innovative ideas in solutions and alignment of IT with businesses problem is matchless.