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Revenue Cost Cutting

Growth….or for that matter any activity shows positive results when you have any of the following strategies, namely: - Go on the front foot and increase business and revenues and/ or - Stay where you are and reduce costs. Both the above strategies though with very different focus and likely outcomes, point to the one central idea: increasing revenues/ profits.

Going on the front foot has the advantage of getting into fresh initiatives, ideas and sometimes unchartered territory. If successful, it gets you new ventures, clientele and revenue streams. The flip-side is that if things do not go as perceived, you may end-up with failures, sometimes life-threatening. Enterprises are known to have shut shop due to failures while negotiating the revenue growth model when unforeseen contingencies have threatened their very existence.

The other approach of increasing revenues is more in the nature of a rear-guard action where you shore-up your revenues by decreasing costs, sometimes by taking drastic measures such as exiting ventures perceived to be loss-making. This approach has the advantage of an assured foresight and clear focus of what to expect. The disadvantage here is that you cannot endlessly cut costs as opposed to endlessly increasing business and revenues. The notion that one can do more with less invariably leads to a mess as the focus is inwards which can severely restrict growth if left unchecked.

Most mature enterprises would gamble its fortunes on a mid-way strategy which helps grow its business while AND decrease its costs at the same time. Technology, the great leveler, has again come to the aid of enterprises. Computers and its attendant eco-systems though a cost initially has helped businesses in unimaginable ways. You can increase revenues AND decrease costs all at the same time!

Add to this the latest offering in the form of Cloud Computing (for e.g. and you can effectively do more for less! No hassles of owning or upgrading systems with these! You sign on with few clicks and with minimum inconvenience your entire activity moves online to a system not physically occupying space in the premises. Concerns such as security, maintenance and upgrades being handled on a humongous level, really do not remain concerns!

In military terms it is said that offence is the best defense…..and the soldier’s best friend is his rifle!

In industry too the same holds…..only the rifle gets replaced by a mouse which looks up to the cloud!

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