At 50,000, 22% Of CAs In India Are Women – How Can They Manage Work Effectively?

Women Growth

An interesting article on 29th Nov 2014 in Times of India mentions that the number of women seeking to get into the number-crunching profession of chartered accountancy (CA) has taken a big leap in the past couple of years. Female enrolments to the Common Proficiency entrance test (CPT) for the CA course, conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), have increased 51% over the past two years (between 2012 and 2014). From 27, 784 in 2012, the number of women taking the test went up to 33,460 in 2013 and further rose to 41,957 in 2014.

"There is a positive trend in the intake of all professional courses in general and more so in CA, because of high levels of employability it offers and its flexibility. Whenever the intake goes up, it is the women who contribute more to it," said K Raghu, president of ICAI. Girls from humble backgrounds are transforming the lives of their families through this route and in the absence of capitation fee parents are also supportive of their daughters picking CA, Raghu added.

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To manage the work and practice effectively woman CAs need to use IT systems which can be accessed by their customers. Such tools give women CAs complete control of practice and they can also start sharing work status with clients in transparent manner. Once this happens, customer will have confidence with CA and would recommend CAs to his/her colleagues, resulting in additional business to CAs.

CADashboard can help CAs to collaborate with each other & take control of Office and provide transparency to customers.

CADashBoard is one such platform which chartered accountants can use.