Change, The Essence Of Life


Leading from the front is the signs of a leader. Most industry veterans go by this credo and make themselves responsible to the organization’s fortunes, good or bad. In doing so, corporate leaders, be it owners, CEOs, CFOs and MDs implement systems which are far-sighted taking into account the present and future scenarios given present and likely circumstances.

The Indian scenario too is no different though there is one additional factor which needs to be kept in mind. Our size and rate of growth. Growth here is an imperative given the levels of competition in most industries. Taking steps whether to implement new systems or invest in new lines of business are thus called for and in a way, expected.

While growth and change are the corner stone to economic wellbeing, not everyone relishes it. Resistance and inertia too have to be accounted for. Adapting to changing circumstances, scenarios and conditions are not something that comes to humans very easily. Practically our entire race puts up resistance in some form or the other in various shades where faced with change.

How then do you make the process of change a smooth, even and looked-upon process? From experience, we mention below a series of steps and thoughts which implemented keeping in mind individual circumstances and peculiarities, can help ease the process and help derive the intended results.

  • Track productivity and give feedback to improve. It ought to be communicated to everyone that this is about increasing productivity, profitability and quality by identifying the good and bad processes and making relevant changes. IT IS NOT A WITCH-HUNT TO DEMEAN PEOPLE AND RELEIVE THE OF THEIR LIVELYHOOD. The first reaction to change is the fear of losing work. But where this fear is replaced by assurance of better individual productivity, the fear diminishes and work improves exponentially.
  • Complementing (where possible): Where it is made out to be for the betterment of all and not a one-sided towards the organization, people’s good efforts towards formulating policies within their sphere of influence or within their area of operations can and should be highlighted and to the extent possible incorporated within the new planned framework of things.
  • Clear communication: The top brasses’ ideas as also those of the higher management should, to the extent possible be communicated in a clear, concise and positive manner to everyone involved and everyone affected. Hiding information, opaqueness, lack of clarify etc are recipes for wrong ideas and misgivings to even the best of performers in any organization. Once there is a negative idea sets in, productivity and morale nose-dive.
  • Clear objective: This being an activity with long term and often immense consequences, the ideas and steps to implement the same should, to the extent possible be chalked-out clearly. Haste in deciding scope of activity, field in which charges are deemed fit, infrastructure to implement changes and upkeep of tempo, should be avoided to the extent possible. Time is the essence here. Use it wisely to plan every more down to the last detail and only when every detail has been worked-out should one venture to implement things.
  • No half-measures: When you plan to take the leap, take time to take a long run-up so that you either reach the other side safe or reach safe where-ever you reach. Half measures, fears, lack of confidence etc are things which can mar the best of ideas and initiatives. Once focused and planned, implementation of set ideas ought to be as per plan to the extent possible. Where outcomes differ from what was expected, changes (if any) should be such that they correspond to the original idea of the exercise.
  • Use the best resource to help with such changes: Be it with systems or products/ services, you ought to get the best brains to help you, set-up the project initially. Be if downsizing, increase in business/ departments/ products, a deft, experienced hand is always an asset. Management consultants, product specialists and organization re-casting experts abound the industrial scene these days though it remains to be seen if they can do what is expected of them which only time can tell.

The above points are by no means the only areas one needs to focus on when implementing changes thought these are pertinent ones.

You, our readers have been patient readers till now and we expect you to contribute to the process of discussion by bringing forth your ideas as well. Do let us know from your experience if we are on the right track.

Wish you all a Very Happy and a prosperous new year!

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