Gulf Pays Chartered Accountants Four Times More Than India Opportunity For Indian Cas To Do The Work From India And Increase Revenue & Profitability


An interesting article in Hindustan Times mentions that Chartered Accountants in Gulf are paid four times that what they get in India.

A Indian CA who has worked for an Indian firm for two years, is set to shift to Dubai at four times what he has been getting here.

“I would be a fool not to take up the job,” says the 28-year-old, eager to cross the Arabian Sea for what is clearly a treasure in sight.

He is no flash in the pan. Young Indian CAs are now more eager to work outside India, despite the country’s growth prospects. West Asian countries that include Dubai, Kuwait and Muscat — besides Australia and Singapore — are turning out to be the most favoured destinations for them.

Read complete article at: Gulf pays Chartered Accountants four times more than India

CAs practicing from India should look at this as an opportunity to acquire customers from Gulf region and serve them from India. This will help both parties, customers as well as CA firms. Customers can get the service at competitive price and Indian CAs can get higher revenue.

It is very important that overseas customer needs to be comfortable and confident with the CA firm in order to acquire these customers. To give this confidence to overseas customers, CAs needs to start using IT systems so that they have complete control of their practice. CAs should also start sharing work status with clients in transparent manner. CAs can use IT systems to showcase transparency and let customers take control of work. Once this happens, customer will have confidence with CA and would recommend CAs to his/her colleagues, resulting in additional overseas business to CAs.

CADashboard can help CAs to collaborate with each other & take control of Office and provide transparency to customers.

CADashBoard is one such platform which chartered accountants can use.