India and Gulf Opportunities for Professionals

India and Gulf Opportunities for Professionals

Later this year we are going to see lot of happenings on the Tax reforms – One is GST which is getting rolled out in India and other is VAT in GCC (Gulf Countries – UAE, Bahrain etc)

The date 1st Jan 2018 is the date people in GCC countries will need to be ready for VAT. In fact, one should be ready before this to test and ensure everything is in place.

It’s not going to go away. It’s not something you can close your eyes and it will vanish.

There are more businesses that are going to require assistance than there are people and organizations to help them. Imagine having to ready for this change to become compliant and you are not able to access the skills. This will happen on many occasions to businesses who wait to much longer to start the process.

To become compliant is not a small job. The bigger the business the more time it will take. Some businesses will take months to prepare and be ready and that date is very fast approaching.

There are many facets involved in the preparation of becoming compliant. Many businesses don’t know to what extent it will affect their businesses.

So, the bottom line overall is if you are not doing something about it yet you better start looking at it before it is too late - Penalties for noncompliance are going to be substantial.

On Professional front, we expect lot of work and new opportunities – Locally in India and Overseas.

Are your firm ready to take this up? Are you having System in Place?

CADASHBOARD is helping firms across regions to manage & grow the practice for Professionals. Time to put in Systems in place.

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