IT System Must To Survive & Sustain In Today Competitive Environment


Looking around us we realize how much ahead we have come when compared to times not so long in the past. Till about a 100 years back, life in most parts of India was not very different from those a 1000 years back!

In the last century, things have sped at the speed of light! Old social and political orders built upon hierarchies have crumbled and disappeared and in its place we have a flat order.

Today, it is not one’s lineage or skin color or blood lines which matter. What matters is how competitive you are economically. Survival of the economically fittest is thus the order of the day which has brought to centre stage the idea of corporate be it companies/ firms or any others. Given these agglomeration of men and materials and their sheer size, it was only a matter of time before a need was felt to manage them and manage them well.

Beginning with the 70s and more so from the west, computer systems now called IT (short for Information Technology) Systems have played a humongous role in helping business survive. Size of operations and speed of activity dictated a shift from slow manual processes to automated systems which were fast, efficient and most importantly, quickly scalable.

Computers are no more a luxury but a necessity for survival and growth. With time and money in very short supply, it is humanly impossible to manage any organization and that too in such competitive times and dream of profitability. IT systems have done just that… a cost competitive and efficient way with clear cut results!

Another reason why IT system is the darling of the industry is the speed with which it is getting customized to individual needs! From desktops to laptops to palmtops to smart-phones, their sizes have changed but the central theme remains the ease of use, efficiency of operations and most important, cost competitiveness.

To understand their importance, try imagining any business of a reasonable size that has to survive and grow without computer systems! It is possible but at prohibitive costs which is sure to sound the death knell of the enterprise.

Besides the efficiency and cost competitive angle, there is as yet another factor which makes computers so important to growth in today’s competitive environment. Taking care of day-to-day needs through such things as the cloud-based ERP, CRM etc, it helps businesses and managers plan for the future. The advent of the net has made it possible for any entrepreneur to actually dream of newer businesses and models far removed from the present activity as it makes it possible to investigate the efficacy of an idea from all its angles!

Starting off as a staff function, IT is today part and parcel of growth and sustenance in an increasingly competitive world!

Cheers to IT!

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