Knowledge Is Power!

Knowledge Is Power

And empowering knowledge is Data!

Today, given innovations in products and competition within an industry, the concept of a stable growth path or a tapering productivity line does not exist. Industry of any kind is on the path where a constant growth means survival and slowdown means a slow though sure death.

Profits, performance and prerogatives are some of the imperatives of any industry if they are to survive- more so in today's competitive times. Cold figures and statistics are then the drivers of these requirements across industries.

In such times getting the right information at the right time and manner is an imperative which makes the difference between survival and growth versus demise. Industry does not have the luxury of depending upon external data to forecast the path of growth for itself. It is for these all-too-important reasons that industry and industrial set-up of any kind, large or small have to have in place an elaborate system of capturing information, working on it and churning out data in the relevant formats.

One initiative which is now making its impact felt on data gathering and analysis is that of Cloud-based Applications like CADashboard. Powering that is Pune-based Mindchipp, a prominent player of repute in this niche market. Its usefulness can be gauged from the fact that it totally frees the organization from the confines of owning, operating and upgrading system and all its inherent complexities, and lets the latter do what it does best: produce, sell and respond to customer queries. In fact, the best part besides the obvious ones mentioned before is that it does not try to re-invent the wheel but only makes it lighter, stronger and wear-resistant. You continue doing what you were always good at….and let people like Mindchipp run the infrastructure as regards systems are concerned. Being a cloud-based activity, your costs and hassles go down but productivity improves and so does data storage and security.

This ideally is something every professional organization ought to invest in. Besides taking away the hassles of owning and operating an arm which may be miles away from an organization’s aims and objectives, the latest systems and software aid in giving the most accurate of results- instantly. Complex algorithms backed by the latest software help organizations get very detailed reports of sectors and effects which might have otherwise been lost. All this, at the wink of an eye!

Need we say more about Cloud-based Applications? Most likely not! Eating to prove the pudding might be a luxury for most. The same though can’t be said for industries. Here it is an imperative to get it right, first time and every time- more reason why CADashboard ( ought to be contacted….fast!

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