Make In India!!!

Make in India

20 countries and still going strong……business worth some USD billions and still counting!

These are some of the attributes of a restless body with a 56” chest otherwise called Shri Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of the Republic of India!

Zig-zagging the world from Canada to Fiji and Brazil to Mongolia, he is a Man with a Mission… convince the world to “Make it in India”. And he certainly is succeeding if figures are to be believed!

For the expat business community, this is very, very good news indeed. After a very, very long time, we have someone who thinks and acts differently instead of beating along the same old track.

Yes, to all our readers and their well-wishers the world over, India needs you and as patriotic children of this soil, you ought to invest here.

You may ask, why we Orgpro Softwares Private Limited are speaking the same language as our PM? Why not? We too ask you to invest here and do what you can do best, produce goods or provide service. For the rest, we are here to help you!

Starting life in the year 2010, we are today India’s finest providers of specialized cloud based applications services. Our service offerings include India’s first cloud based product CADashboard for Professionals and SME. CADashboard frees you of mundane activities like follow-up, missing deadlines and helps to effectively manage employees, customers and compliances. It helps you to concentrate only on what you do best.

Coming back to the topic of “Make in India”, we are sure that given the changed (and of course “charged”!) industrial climate in India, you would want to invest and grow here.

Come, be a part of the Indian Growth story…..from now on we write history instead of being merely a part of it!

And we end this with our favorite one-liner…… Mind your own business; as for the rest, Orgpro Softwares Private Limited chips in!

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