Manual / Semi Automated Approach Vs Specific IT System Like Cadashboard


The Indian economy has undergone a transformation of sorts in the last decade and is today the third largest economy with respect to purchasing power parity (PPP). With this change has come complexity. And coming in its wake as always, are some revolutionary solutions.

Increasing size affects any entity in various ways. Financial, Regulatory & Legal compliances with respect to taxes, stakeholders, societal compliances etc. become a reality. Not only is the information therein important but so is the time within which these need to be complied with. Each matter has its own complexity which is evidenced by various reports and format that need to be filled. Practically every aspect of running an enterprise is affected by legalities which keep becoming more stringent and complex as the levels of activity and profitability goes up.

Legalities being just that, one cannot wish them away. In fact by its very nature, they are supposed to be helpful to the nation and its citizens but given the complexities involved they inadvertently create unseen, unwanted and unwelcomed pressures.

Added to this is the fact that an enterprise needs to grow which means the people at the helm of affairs need to have space to think out-of-box without getting bogged down by the mundane activities. Most corporate in these circumstances invariably find some solution

Most corporate in these circumstances invariably find some solution or the other tailor made to suit their situation. These in most cases have a low level of sophistication which makes scaling up difficult if not impossible. Normal examples of these are myriad Excel sheets to keep track of calculations, formats, checklists etc and at times, MS Word which comes in handy for some odd communication. These can at best be a helping hand and can never fully obviate an issue.

Sophistication till a while back and to some extent even today has a negative connotation which invariably leads to resistance and resultant heartburns. But increasing emphasis at every level including the Government on Digitization and the usage of the internet have brought a paradigm shift in the way we look at systems to help us do business. No more half measures like excel sheets and the likes. You now have IT systems like the CADashboard, a platform exclusively for professionals (CA/CS/Lawyers) & SME. The advantage one gets are:

  • Complete, on-the-cloud business so you do not need to invest in any advanced machinery like servers, disk-drives etc.
  • Complete package taking care of all needs of Professionals like reminders, formats, latest info etc so that one need not waste time looking for information elsewhere and can concentrate on business
  • Advanced features which no manual or semi-manual system can ever provide
  • Complete accessibility anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • Data security at the highest levels
  • Seamless updates of system and relevant information present therein.
  • Cost effective due to its being extremely user-friendly.

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