Opportunities For CA's To Acquire Overseas Customer


As reported by Economic Times, ICAI, India's apex body for chartered accountants, has entered into a pact with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) for cooperation on host of issues including corporate governance, technical research and forensic accounting. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed here yesterday, a official statement said.


"This MoU will establish closer working linkages between ICAI and SOCPA as it will enable the two to draw synergies from the professional expertise available with each other in areas of accounting, technical research, corporate governance and alike," ICAI President K Raghu said in the statement.

Read more at: ICAI inks pact with Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants

This will open lot of opportunities for Indian CAs to serve overseas customers. But it also throws lot of chanllenges as the customer will be located 1000s of kilometers apart.

  • Clarity and timeliness of communication - It is very important that customer is informed about progress of work. CAs should not assume that it is fine to inform customer after the work is over. Customer should be informed about progress of work on regular basis. Alternatively CAs can use IT tools that will help to manage communication challenges.
  • Artifacts sharing between CA and customers - CAs and customers need to share and access artifacts like documents, previous communication etc. These artifacts can be shared via email and communication can be performed using email. But using email it is very difficult to find all the communication related to specific topic/service. So these is need of system which can help CAs and their customers to see consolidated information at one place.

it is very important for CAs to provide transparency of work to the customers. CAs can use IT systems to to showcase transparency and let customers take control of work. Once this happens, customer will have confidence with CA and would recommend CAs to his/her colleagues, resulting in additional overseas business to CAs.

CADashboard can help CAs to take control of Office and provide transparency to customers.