Professional Community Challenge


Slog. One word which best describes what it is to become a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary.

Slog. One word which best describes what it is AFTER you become a Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretary.

Speak to anyone in any forum right from the street to the board-room about what it is to be a CA/ CS and you are left with one reply. Slog.

It is a known fact that to be a CA or a CS, you have to be better than the best. With a pass-out rate in single digits and a lifetime of poring over (boring) books, you have to have patience, perseverance…..and the ability to slog.

For someone on the other side is a passout, a professional, life is no easier than an aspirant. Remembering dates, form numbers, details, sections, sub-sections, adjudications, judgements………………can make things very, very tough. No doubt there are systems and a certain discipline which can make things easy. But how much?

Today the world is in one’s palm. Open a smart phone and you can just as smartly see whatever you want on it. Be it a tax return, P&L, Balance sheet, Annual reports……..anything and everything can now be seen on a 5-6 inch screen with a flick of a finger.

In fact, with the advent of smartphones, it is the clientele of most CAs and CSs who seem to know about things. What it implies is that every client is well aware of what is available where and at what price. In most cases, they also seem to know what their rights and liabilities are. The Government of the day too is doing its bit to keep as little information with itself as possible and is finding ways and means, mostly electronic and over the net secured with the best of systems, to give information to citizens at the earliest. The paper-less office bug seems to have bitten our government hard in places where it matters most. This has brought unexpectedly speedy results with entire department’s functioning going live, online. No paper, no hassles and information available lot early.

This cloudburst of information is a boon for the clients but if not handled with alacrity in the right spirit can leave a CA/ CS in a very dark and tight spot. But then as luck would have it, the darkest of clouds come with the shiniest of silver linings!

Product like CAdashboard from Orgpro Softwares Private Limited is part of the “silver lining”. It provides every conceivable piece of information with its moist recent updates that a seasoned CA/ CS could ever ask for. All this is stored on their cloud server and secured with the best of systems available. Dates, issues, laws, sections, sub-sections……and a lot more, are all complied in the best of logical sequencing and stored in an environment not even the devil can disturb!

So, the next time you feel your clients demand too much, you know now where to head!

CADashboard can help CAs/CSs to collaborate with each other & take control of Office and provide transparency to customers.

CADashBoard is one such platform which chartered accountants, company secretaries can use.