Software-As-A-Service….And Not A Product

Software as a Service for Professional

Things have come a long way from the time that one has to invest a good sum of money to procure a worth-while software and then invest further in a server-based system to support this software. Add to that the intranet, an airconditioned room and dedicated staff and what you had was a separate department which was more cost than profit centered. It would not end here as the complexity kept on growing with time with things like virus scans, patches etc being thrown in with fair amount of regularity.

Cut to the present. The entire department with all its staff and equipments has been dispensed with! No server room with an 24 hours-on AC (which incidentally even the MD did not get!), no extra servers, back-ups, EDP chaps, anti-virus software……..(an endless list indeed!). You look-up to the cloud and think what it can rain down! Plenty actually and with minimal hassles!

Mentioned below are some important differentiators between the earlier norms of doing everything in-house to the present where only the most critical gets done in-house.

Minimum is maximum: Concentrate on that which brings in the bread, butter and occasional caviar and leave the rest to the one on the cloud. God? Nah, we are talking about cloud computing! You mind your business full-time and let the chaps from companies like MindChipps Consulting do the rest. Once you give them the specs of what you look for, it is they who shall formulate the entire package and get it up and running….and maintained.

Cost Effective: Everything to do with computing (other than the machines themselves which too these days can be hired) can thus be outsourced for a fixed sum of money. Advantage? You know what to expect in terms of costs from the onset of the contract instead of getting shockers every now and then. Things can then be worked out in terms of how to recover these costs.

Less Hassle: One department with machines of every configuration + people can be done away with entirely. It saves time, money and space which otherwise the system would have occupied

Regular Updates: Most cloud servers are on very, very large systems which employ the latest in terms of technology which in most cases would be unthinkable for organization utilizing much smaller capacities. Justifying costs to accommodate high-end systems then becomes a tedious exercise- that too when it does not directly help with productivity. But with a cloud system where things happen at a much, much, much larger scale, these costs can be averaged out which brings the overall cost within manageable limits. This also means that the cloud service provider with huge budgets and deep pockets can invest in the most advanced of services which comes to the client in the form of a very efficient and capable system which the latter in the normal course could never ever think about.

Security Issues: As an extension to the above point, cloud companies invest in the very latest for securing data as also systems to obviate issues arising out of expected events such as a virus attack or something as simple as a power failure. Back-ups are super strong and super efficient and replicating the same at the client end cannot be justified. Only when the volume of transaction is so huge can expenditure just as huge be justified.

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