These Are Interesting Times

These Are Interesting

These are interesting times. Very interesting indeed! So interesting that the word interest no longer seems interesting! What interests today instead are ownership, entrepreneurship, profits and income! Old words for the new emerging India.

Look around and compare the India of today with what was in the 80s and 90s. The one word that described economy then was “moribund”, a Hindi word chosen by the British to describe just that, stagnation and slow death.

And what do we have today? The 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity which in the not-so-distant future may well be the 1st!

But then with great power come greater responsibility which is evident in the way the Governments be they at the centre or state have now started to get everything online for better service deliveries and better control. Non-compliance towards established laws be it taxation, corporate affairs, employee welfare, pollution control and the likes shall in the not-so-distant future come at a heavy price which could include penalties, jail terms and of course, a severe loss of face-brand.

For a prudent entrepreneur whose numbers are on the rise exponentially, these are times are a god-send! With red-tape being pushed under the red carpet, anyone with an idea to make money and generate employment is today the king! King Makers with deep-deep pockets abound in every nook and corner ready to fund your grand ideas- provided you generate income within stipulated times.

The concept of size is also undergoing change. Small but profitable is the new big! That being the case, Small and Medium Entreprises are what most seek. And it is the SME which given its relatively small size in terms of manpower is also the most vulnerable to being taken to task for non-compliances. Herein lies the paradox: Do you do business or do you look at compliances? One cannot function in isolation though one does not have any relation to the other. So what does one do?

At CADASHBOARD ( we say (AND SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR!) you do both. You adhere to compliances AND you do business…at the same time without one bothering the other!

And How do we suppose you go about doing it? Simple. Visit our website and call us!

We say this with confidence as we have helped Professionals & SME across India save time, money, name and fame as regards compliances and doing business is concerned! Our cloud-based application frees you from the daily drudgery of looking into compliance. You don’t employ anyone but you still get the work done to utmost satisfaction within time minus the hassles! Being cloud based, we are not tied-down to a single location. You could access your account as simply as your email and do the needful- almost instantaneously!

Call us! We await the chance to serve you!

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