West Bengal, Kolkata

CADASHBOARD is a amazing tool that has helped us gain better control over our firm’s operational activities. With the facility to allocate job online and monitoring the work flow status on a real time basis, we are able to manage the needs of the clients in a more systematic manner and also been able to provide the services within the stipulated time frame. It has helped us to multiply our productivity by way of monitoring the manpower usage for the allocated jobs. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the chances of miss out of day to day statutory compliances. Furthermore now the cost associated with each job can be duly evaluated which leads to a better cost management. Most importantly, the usage of this tool benefitted us the most, when we need to work from home, due to the unforeseen situation posed by the ongoing pandemic. It is really a wonderful tool to manage the complexities of your practice in terms of management of the day to day affairs!!!

Pawan Jain and Associates

Pawan Jain and Associates
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Giving the best quality of service also includes giving timely service. Dashboard has enabled just that for Pawan Jain & Associates. Being able to schedule tasks, allot & transfer tasks, sending reminder to clients, managing documents, keeping track of all tasks and invoicing, all in one page is the best part about this application. It has proven to be the effective tool in digitizing and automating the work process of the firm. The customer service is epic too. I really appreciate their quick and courteous action to the changes I request to make in the app.

Dron Bhardwaj  and Associates

Dron Bhardwaj and Associates
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

CADASHBOARD has brought operational efficiency to our CA firm.
Earlier, we used to devote considerable time to manage the task allocation, keeping track of task completion with due date and invoicing etc. Now, with CADASHBOARD, the time required for such tasks has reduced considerably, we get more time to focus on key areas.
CADASHBOARD team understands our issues very patiently and keep trying to make the portal more efficient.
Such a tool is a must for all CA firms.

- Anil Chakravarthy & Co.

Anil Chakravarthy & Co.
Income-Tax Practitioners
Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh

CA Dashboard is an excellent tool for proper Work Flow Management. By virtue of this Cloud based software I am able to monitor the functioning of my teams wherever I am. CA Dashboard helped me to significantly increase the productivity of my teams.

CA Sony Methew

CA Sony Mathew
A Reputed large CA firm in Chennai

We were using another Workflow Management software ( cloud based ERP) from 2008. Reason for shifting to CAdashboard was the said software was not able to provide us the information we look forward for follow up and decision making. It is a wonderful product which can support thousands of practicing professionals and SME. Wish you all the best.

CA Sudhir Javali

CA Sudheer Javali

At the outset appreciate hard work CADashboard team members are putting to improve CADashboard. Happy to be associated with committed organization like yours.

CA Logo

CA Audit firm

It is nice to have tool. It helps to control the office from anywhere. Nice thing of this tool is that it can be used by CA /CS firms of all sizes. Task management feature along with billing option give control and tracking on the revenue and reduce revenue leakage. Calendar feature is very helpful and it gives idea about day or month workload. This helps in better planning

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Raj Lakhotia

CADASHBOARD has helped us gain better control over our firm’s operation. With the facility to allocate job electronically and monitoring the work status, we are now able to manage clients need systematically and able to provide the services in stipulated time. It has helped us to increase productivity by monitoring the manpower used for jobs as well we can now evaluate the cost associated with job. A wonderful tool to manage your practice!!!

CS logo

Leading CS

As owner of firm and dealing with many companies, I travel a lot. Tool like this will help to Monitor and Control office from any where. Many Company Secretary firms like us will love to have tool like this. Let’s target implementation in early November.”

SAS Partner

SAS Partners

We highly appreciate your understanding of our requirements and responding the needs raised by us. Hope to see you with more value added features.

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CA having multiple offices

This will really help for my overseas clients. Clients will have good visibility and status of their tasks at any point of time. When can I start using CAdashboard?”


JVR Associates

At the outset, thank you all for a wonderful product, which takes care of all the difficulties associated with the management of processes in CA's office. Indeed, it makes our life easier and helps in achieving process efficiency."