Pay As You Go Model


Coke in India was not going where it planned to when it introduced its flagship product for the first time in the early nineties. Reason? Pricing. Some deft calculations later, an unexpectedly simple solution emerged: reduce quantity and reduce prices! Result? Sales shot thru the roof! They have never looked back ever since.

The above is not an isolated incidence. India is replete with such instances. Another example which ought to be mentioned here is that of shampoo sachets. Started by a relatively unknown SSI unit in Tamil Nadu, it is now a textbook case in prestigious Management Institutes worldwide.

At first glance, these examples may seem out-of-place in the world of industry and technology. Read between the lines, they bring out an essential fact of life which affects industry as much as any individual. Funds…called money in general parlance! The richest to the poorest, all crave for it and are perennially short of it. And this is where the above stories make sense. They are about asking you to spend only as much as is needed….and affordably!

Welcome to the world of cloud computing where you get the technology equivalent of a shampoo sachet at similar prices! The best product at the least prices! Pay for exactly what and when you want!

Technology products, be it a car or a computer differs from the likes of shampoos and pickles. They need constant back-up, servicing and upgrades which shampoos, pickles and their like do not need. How does one guarantee that?

Being a shared user experience, cloud computing by its very nature has services such as upgrades, security, multi-utility and similar needs built into the product. You pay for exactly what you use and do not bother about extraneous factors which are taken care of by the service provider.

Since it is about multi-users, size is what comes in and along comes the latest technology and lowest prices. Replicating this at one’s end would be an expensive, time-consuming task. In any case, if this is not your bread-and-butter activity, why bother? Do what you can do best….for the rest, there are specialists like Orgpro Softwares Private Limited of Pune!

Greek Philosopher Plato once said “Each man is capable of doing one thing well. If he attempts several, he will fail to achieve distinction in any”. This, essentially sums up all that cloud computing stands for! Nothing more needs to be said….

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